It's every race director's dream to make their road race the premier sporting event of the season, and at Race Roster we genuinely believe every race has the potential to do so.

But, how?

Our team of experts went on a mission to find out what makes runners mark their calendar year after year for the best road races in the nation. What they discovered was a high quality race day experience is defined by much more than a personal best performance.

They dug a little deeper to discover….

Participants and their entourage want to feel safe, comfortable and well supported from the moment they arrive in the host city to hours after crossing the finish line. They want their only concern on race day to be moving their legs as quickly as possible, and expect all race day logistics such as transportation, and fueling to be taken care of.

Atop the list were adequate portapotties, functional water stations and proper traffic signage!

This ebook illustrates all the supplies you will need to ensure each runner, regardless of their finishing time, has the race day experience of their lives! Visual learners, this guide is for you!

Inside this book is a list of the essential supplies needed to ensure:

  • Comfort
  • Comfort
  • Spectator Friendliness
  • Easy Transportation
  • Fuel for Success
  • Effective & Happy Volunteers

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