It's no secret that behind every successful event is an award worthy marketing strategy. Without trial and error or a highly priced marketing analysis you're unlikely to know which strategy gave you the most bang for your buck.

Reaching out to participants and volunteers may seem easy, but converting each of these impressions to another harrier on the start line is a
whole 'nother ball game!

Lucky for you, our team of experts has taken the guesswork out by sharing with you 9 highly effective ways to market your race!

This ebook not only explains what to do, but how to do it. Not sure what a hashtag (#) is? Or how to set up a cash-based referral program? Don't sweat—it, it's all inside.

Learn how to…

• Capitalize on social media to brand, and promote your race
• Develop key community partnerships for sponsorship and support
• Incentivize runners to sign up and share
• Make the most of your 'printables'
• Use a party to promote

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